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Are you ready to come join us in changing the world of energy storage? Great! We would love to share what it is like to work at Silatronix. First, there is a lot of chemistry and battery talk. If you're of a chemical or electrochemical background that's fantastic, you will fit right in! But what if you're not a chemist? No problem at all, because you too will become a chemical expert via "Office Osmosis".

Working at Silatronix is rarely boring. As a smaller company there are ample opportunities to wear more than one hat if you so desire. When you're not busy working on the latest new molecule or battery test, chances are good that something fun will be going on. For example, the day Adrián put that excess liquid nitrogen to good use by making ice cream.... delicious! Did you say you happen to have a deep knowledge of random Taylor Swift trivia questions? That could come in handy around here. One final note on our dress code: flannel is encouraged but not required on Fridays.

Silatronix is an equal opportunity employer.

open position: synthesis chemist

Silatronix is immediately seeking a Synthesis Chemist to conduct synthesis and purification of organosilicon solvents, salts and additives for lithium-ion batteries. The chemist will contribute to method development and characterization of compound and/or electrolyte purity and quality assessments. Responsibilities include performing moderately complex research and development related to synthesis and purification of organosilicon compounds and chemical analysis. The role includes preparation of technical reports, summaries and experimental protocols.

We are seeking candidates with a M.S. degree in Chemistry and at least 2 years of related laboratory or production experience, or the equivalent in education and years of related experience. A strong background working under air-free conditions, handling air-sensitive chemicals and using Schlenk line techniques on multigram scale synthesis up to several kilograms is required. Experience with organic synthesis and NMR interpretation is highly desired.

Silatronix is an equal opportunity employer. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume including salary requirements at