Products: OS3®

OS3 is an advanced organosilicon electrolyte solvent that stabilizes lithium salt and carbonate co-solvents in solution. OS3 works in liquid and solid electrolyte systems to improve Li-ion battery performance.

Material Development

Silatronix FUSION: Advanced Material Development as a Service. Our unique approach to material development offers a cost-effective and fast way to develop deep mechanistic insight on battery cell performance.


Silatronix® electrolytes are ideal for a number of applications within the rechargeable Li-ion and non-rechargeable Lithium battery markets, as well as in future markets such as electrolyte material for supercapacitors and solid electrolyte applications.

Since 1993

Next-generation Li-ion is here -  Organosilicon is the enabler.

As energy density and operational requirements increase, traditional battery electrolyte is pushed to the breaking point. Silatronix Organosilicon Electrolyte Materials are a key building block in next-generation Li-ion systems. Provinding Si-anode enablement, supporting fast-charge requirements, stabilizing high-nickel cathode materials - Silatronix Organosilicon is a key material required for new energy storage technologies. Silatronix OS3 is currently used to enable many state-of-the-art systems and is in development with many more.



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