Our Approach


Silatronix has leveraged our broad technical team, which consistes of chemical, electro-chemical, and material science expertise, to build a world-class battery & chemistry laboratory platform named: FUSION. Silatronix FUSION process is a unique approach to technical development, leveraging the best of both fundamental science & rigorous empirical study, guided by market input & customer demand. FUSION created the powerful Silatronix OS3 molecule (and many others).

Silatronix is now offering the unique FUSION process to outside customers who are seeking to expedite material or system level development in Li-ion batteries. FUSION has already demonstrated specific enablement in multiple advanced electrode Li-ion systems for our sponsors, resulting in longer cycle life, lower gas generation, and overall cell performance.

The fusion approach:

Battery materials development typically relies heaviliy on one of two discrete approaches: Empirical Studies and Fundamental Science. Silatronix FUSION Approach combines the best of both worlds into one discrete process. Driven by our years of expertise in developing unique Organosilicon materials and guided by our customer engagement - providing a comprehensive global voice of customer across multiple industries.


While the Silatronix FUSION Approach was initially utilized for development of our organosilicon electrolyte solvents and additives, it can be broadly applied to nearly all aspects of Li-ion battery cell and material development. Prior projects have successfully accomplished goals such as reducing gassing in a Si-anode cell, validating new electrolyte solvent materials for commercial use, and developing new electrode coating processes.


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