LCO (Lithium Cobalt Oxide) Testing Data

Silatronix® material has demonstrated exceptional performance in Li-Ion (LCO) battery cells. The below testing shows a 4.45V, high-voltage LCO battery cell with just 3% OS3® material added to the electrolyte of the reference cell. The results show a significant improvement in three key high-temperature battery performance tests.

  • Improved Swelling Performance
  • Increased Retained / Recovered Capacity
  • Increased High Temperature Cycle Life

3% OS3 Material, 4.45V, 1.7Ah Li-Ion LCO Pouch Cells

LCO swelling

Cell Swelling
Charge to 4.45V 1C, Current cut-off 1/20C
Store cells @ 90c, 4hrs

lco capacity

Retained Capacity
Charge to 4.45V 1C, current cut-off 1/20C
Storing cells at 60C for 2 weeks
Measure retained / recovered capacity

lco cycles

Cycle Life
Charge to 4.45V 1C, current cut-off 1/20C, rest 10min
Discharge to 3.0V 1C, rest 10min
500 cycles