Senator Baldwin & Congressman Pocan Visit Silatronix

Silatronix hosted U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin and U.S. Congressman Mark Pocan for separate visits to their Madison, WI headquarters in November and October to talk about how the company is helping to enable the future of clean energy Li-ion technologies. Silatronix was recently awarded a $3.7M Office of Naval Research (ONR) contract. This program will create “Organosilicon Electrolytes for Safe High Energy NCA-Based Li-ion Batteries”. The end product will produce a state of the art high performance and high safety battery that will be used in the military’s UH-60 helicopter fleet.

“Here at Silatronix, we’re seeing firsthand how we can work together to build a next-generation, advanced manufacturing economy,” said Sen. Baldwin. “I’m proud to have secured federal funding for the Navy programs that support Made in Wisconsin work being done at Silatronix. These investments will accelerate the development of our fast-growing lithium ion battery industry and create good paying, high-tech jobs here in Wisconsin.”

During their visits, Sen. Baldwin and Rep. Pocan toured the Silatronix Madison HQ facility which includes their in-house battery & chemistry lab. They met with the Silatronix team of chemists and learned about Organosilicon technology and how it can be applied in Li-ion batteries. Sen. Baldwin and Rep. Pocan then met with the Silatronix executive team and learned about the growth of the company and their latest product, OS3, which is in the process of large scale commercial adoption by the Li-ion battery industry. Silatronix OS3 helps to provide higher performance and increased safety in Li-ion cells. The discussion also talked about next generation technologies in the works at Silatronix.

Rep. Pocan said, “Silatronix and the Navy are demonstrating the great potential for high technology job creation in Wisconsin that can be achieved through private sector, university, and government partnership. The Navy contract award advances technology originally developed by University of Wisconsin researchers to address the critical need for improved Li-ion battery safety for military aviation. I was pleased to see today the expanded laboratory at Silatronix, which is a great example of the innovative industries in Madison, and to help celebrate the recent contract award.”
About Silatronix:

Silatronix is the leading producer of patented Organosilicon (OS) materials that enable extreme performance in Li-ion batteries. Silatronix OS compounds extend cell life, increase cell capacity, expand temperature operability ranges, and allow the safe and effective use of higher charge voltages in Li-ion batteries. Silatronix OS compounds do all of this while also improving Li-ion battery cell safety and stability. Silatronix OS compounds can be seamlessly integrated with both current and future Li-ion chemistries. OS compounds are environmentally friendly, non-flammable, high temperature materials suited for use as electrolytes, binders, and coatings in energy storage devices. See for more information.