Silatronix® awarded $2 million Navy ONR contract

Silatronix® Awarded Navy ONR Contract for Organosilicon electrolytes to Enable Safe, High Energy Li-ion Batteries with Advanced Silicon Anodes.

Madison, WI May 14th, 2018

Silatronix® has been awarded a $2 million contract from the U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR). The contract, entitled “Organosilicon electrolytes to Enable Safe, High Energy Li-ion Batteries with Advanced Silicon Anodes” will focus on improving the cycling stability of Li-ion cells using NMC622 cathode in combination with state-of-the-art silicon-graphite composite anodes.

Silicon anode materials offer tremendous energy improvement opportunity in Li-ion batteries. However, as silicon (and energy) levels rise, cells increasingly suffer from performance degradation due to swelling of the anode. This swelling also creates a potential safety concern for the mechanical enclosure of the battery cell. Anode swelling also leads to degradation and breakdown of the electrolyte. Silatronix® will demonstrate that stabilizing Li-ion electrolyte with Organosilicon can safely improve the cycling stability of Si/Gr anode cells. This work will be done with commercially available, state-of-the art cell materials that are relevant for both Navy and commercial applications.

The project leverages substantial expertise from Silatronix® in developing new organosilicon based solvents for Li-ion battery applications. Silatronix® has performed fundamental mechanistic studies demonstrating stability and electrochemical performance improvements in Li-ion electrolytes using Organosilicon solvents. The scope of the project includes developing a rigorous scientific understanding of the effect of Organosilicon materials on cell-level performance and safety.

This project was made possible through the support of both Senator Tammy Baldwin and Congressman Mark Pocan who have worked hard to secure federal funding in support of developing the fast-growing Li-ion battery industry in Wisconsin. This research supports many high technology jobs in Madison and will lead to continued economic growth in this sector.

Sen. Baldwin said, “I’m proud to have secured additional federal funding to continue the Navy’s investments to improve lithium-ion battery performance and safety.  This new Navy contract to Silatronix® will contribute to Wisconsin’s leadership in the global advanced battery industry and accelerate high-technology job creation in Wisconsin.”

Rep. Pocan said, “This new contract award expands the Navy’s partnership with Silatronix® to include a wider range of Li-ion batteries for military and dual-use applications. I’m glad to support additional funding for partnerships like this with universities, government, and the private sector to advance technology and job creation right here in Wisconsin.”

For questions or additional information about this release, please contact Carl Thoemmes of Silatronix® at 608-467-5626.

About Silatronix®:

Silatronix® is the leading producer of patented Organosilicon (OS) materials that enable extreme performance in Li-ion batteries. Silatronix® portfolio of OS compounds can be used to extend cell life, increase cell capacity, expand temperature operability ranges, and allow the safe and effective use of higher charge voltages in Li-ion batteries. Silatronix® OS compounds do all of this while also improving Li-ion battery cell safety and stability. Silatronix® OS compounds can be seamlessly integrated with both current and future Li-ion chemistries. See for more information.