Silatronix Granted Patent on Organosilicon Material

Silatronix has been issued a patent for their third-generation Organosilicon (OS) material for use in energy storage systems, called “OS3”. OS3 delivers extreme performance and safety improvements in Li-ion batteries as well as other types of energy storage systems.

Silatronix OS3 material works within LiPF6 based batteries to stop electrolyte breakdown, which occurs under normal battery use but is intensified in both high voltage and high temperature operation. Stabilization of the LiPF6 electrolyte with OS3 enables battery designers to push charge voltages higher, increase operating temperature ranges, and improve cycle life. Additionally, OS3 material delivers improved battery safety through the same stabilizing mechanisms.

Silatronix Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, Dr. Robert Hamers stated “It is exciting to see a material like OS3 progress all the way from a research concept into production and real world application in Li-ion batteries. When looking at the Li-ion battery system today, existing electrolytes are starting to emerge as a significant limiting factor for improving performance. With OS3, we believe that we have a major component that will help to further drive performance and safety improvements in Li-ion battery systems.”

Silatronix is currently ramping up production of OS3 material for Li-ion battery systems. Additionally, they are working in conjunction with both battery manufacturers and device manufacturers, to explore how applied OS3 can enable the next generation of Li-ion products.

Mark Zager, Silatronix CEO, added “We are really excited about the potential for OS3 material and what it brings to Li-ion applications. In mobile phones or tablets for example, the reduction in cell swelling that OS3 provides is making system engineers rethink industrial and mechanical designs where they currently leave some space blank, allocated for a swelled battery cell.”

About Silatronix:

Silatronix is the leading producer of patented Organosilicon (OS) materials that enable extreme performance in Li-ion batteries. Silatronix OS compounds extend cell life, increase cell capacity, expand temperature operability ranges, and allow the safe and effective use of higher charge voltages in Li-ion batteries. Silatronix OS compounds do all of this while also improving Li-ion battery cell safety and stability. Silatronix OS compounds can be seamlessly integrated with both current and future Li-ion chemistries. OS compounds are environmentally friendly, non-flammable, high temperature materials suited for use as electrolytes, binders, and coatings in energy storage devices. See for more information.