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Silatronix is pleased to announce that Mr. Yoshio Nishi and Dr. Takeshi Abe have joined its Technical Advisory Board. “We are very excited to have Nishi-san and Abe-san as members of our Technical Advisory Board in Japan. Both of these gentlemen have a deep understanding of the challenges facing the lithium ion industry as the
silatronix-OS electrolytes
Project aims to demonstrate the capabilities of a battery electrolyte By Thomas Content of the Journal Sentinel Sept. 5, 2015 Madison energy storage start-up Silatronix Inc. will lead a study to prove out its technology that aims to make lithium-ion batteries safer and more powerful. The project, which received $1.3 million in funding from the
POSTED ON NOVEMBER 4, 2014 · POSTED IN NEWS / PRESS October 14, 2014 • ISOS XVII BERLIN 2014 | POSTER | Highly Stable Organosilicon Electrolytes for Li-ion Batteries | Introduction Silatronix develops novel organosilicon (OS) solvents for use in electrolytes for Li-ion batteries, using Li+ coordinating moieties bonded to different substituted silanes. Organosilicon electrolytes