Silicon-anode systems

Silicon containing anode materials offer tremendous potential to deliver increased energy density in Li-Ion systems. Currently there is a wide range of Si-anode technologies, from low percentage silicon-graphite composites, to 100% pure Si, and everything in-between. These materials bring with them a new engineering challenge, primarily around producing electrolytes stable enough to support long term cycling stability.

This is where Silatronix® OS3® material can deliver a much-needed boost in overall electrolyte performance. OS3® has been proven to deliver strong performance improvements in a wide range of Si-anode based systems. Test cells regularly show:

    Less gas generation
    Reduced impedance
    Longer cycle life
    Improved high-temperature stability

OS3® has a strong compatibility with FEC, which is commonly used to provide stability in Si-anode systems. FEC comes with a downside of creating significant gas generation. Silatronix has demonstrated that when OS3® and FEC are combined in a system, OS3® specifically removes gas components associated with FEC, providing an enablement of the electrolyte solution.